Grand Valley State University

This December I will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Writing with a minor in Public Relations & Advertising. 

Throughout my time at Grand Valley State University I've worked full-time and gone through multiple major changes before I found that my passion for story-telling was best fulfilled through the Writing and Ad/PR programs here at Grand Valley. 

I've learned so much from my professors and class-mates and this knowledge has taught me that I am capable of accomplishing my goals as long as I work hard. 

Relevant Writing Courses

Relevant Public Relations & Advertising Courses

Strategies in Writing 

Professional Writing 

Writing with Style 

Document Production & Design & Advanced Document Production & Design 

Creative Writing

Working with Manuscripts 

Writing for the Web & Advanced Writing for the Web

Multimodal Composing 

Visual Rhetoric & Document Design 




Research in Public Relations & Advertising 

Fundamentals of Public Relations 

Fundamentals of Advertising 

Technology in Public Relations & Advertising 

Advertising Management & Cases